Shoshone Back Country Horsemen is an educational service organization, providing educational materials about equine trail riding and packing, and offering clinics to members and other organizations.  To request or schedule a clinic, please submit your request on the Contact Us page in the Info menu.

Next Meetings & Events  

September 15   Regular SBCH Meeting at the Park Co. Weed & Pest Bldg, off Hwy 14A at 1067 Road 13, Powell. 
Potluck Dinner at 6:00 with Meeting to follow.


Video of the Month

Building a Better Trail Horse, Part 1. Steve Lantvit teaches exercises to riders and horses to make them safe and level-headed out on the trail.


Preparing Your Trail Horse

Spring days give us opportunities to prepare for riding trails this summer. Be sure you and your horse are ready by getting fit, physically and mentally for the challenges trails can present. Here are some things to work on:

  1. Build a solid foundation by teaching and reviewing basic yields and maneuvers to develop communication and control, and to build trust and respect. Training, leadership and riding with intent will help you and your horse stay calm under stressful situations by helping your horse focus on you instead of the situation. Instead of just being a passenger on auto-pilot, ride with purpose, engage your horse’s mind and help him overcome his flight instinct.
  2. Get your horse used to new obstacles and sights. Prepare for encounters with ATVs, backpackers, bikers, plastic blowing in the wind, vehicle traffic, dogs, ropes, water crossings, mud, downed logs and bridges, etc.
  3. Control your horse’s feet and teach him to go where you ask. Get your horse to think about where he places his feet. Start with groundwork, then progress to riding. Practice stepping over poles, stopping midway or asking for turns on the fore or hind, then sidepassing over poles or rails, and backing within or parallel to poles. If your horse isn't lifting his feet and is tripping on trail, practice riding over poles and uneven ground. Back him uphill and downhill to get him balanced and lifting his feet.
  4. Condition for fitness.

Some thoughtful preparation will give you and your horse more confidence, a closer relationship, fewer problems on the trail and a lot more fun!

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