Shoshone Back Country Horsemen is an educational service organization, providing educational materials about equine trail riding and packing, and offering clinics to members and other organizations.  To request or schedule a clinic, please submit your request on the Contact Us page in the Info menu.

Next Meetings & Events  

January 19, 2023 -  Regular SBCH Meeting at the Park Co. Weed & Pest Bldg, off Hwy 14A at 1067 Road 13, Powell. 
Potluck Dinner at 6:00 with Meeting to follow.

February 16Regular SBCH Meeting at the new Cody Game & Fish Building, north of Cody.                                                      Potluck Dinner at 6:00 with Meeting to follow.

Video of the Month

Bear Spray Proper Deployment Scenarios & Demonstration by

Are You a Fast Draw?  
Be Sure You’re Proficient with Bear Spray!

   Winter is a good time to practice with your bear spray. If you have an inert practice cannister or an outdated can
of bear spray, take advantage of a snowy background to highlight the spray. Having bear spray with you in the back-country won’t necessarily ensure your safety if it’s out-of-date, not readily accessible or you haven’t practiced with it. As with any skill, having knowledge and practiced muscle memory will serve you well in time of need. Practice until you have a reflex action.

   A frequent misconception is how much time you will have to retrieve and deploy your bear spray. Bears can travel 40’ per second, so a bear 60’ away can reach you in 1.5 seconds; at 20’ away, it will be on you in ½ second! You will have no time to fumble around trying to access bear spray if it is not readily available on your person or you haven’t practiced its use.

   To learn how to best use your spray, watch the video above from as well as reading the pdf,
 Bear Spray Basics

   Read your bear spray label & know your bear spray’s capabilities! Not all bear sprays are alike. The EPA requirements range is 1.0-2.0% of Major Capsaicinoids content, the suggested minimum spray duration should be 7+ seconds, with a projection of 25-30’. Canister quantities vary from 7.9 oz. to 10.2 oz.  In addition, the rate of deployment varies. One brand's 7.9 oz can empties in 4 seconds, while another brand of 9.2 oz. empties in 5 seconds. Yet another brand empties 9 oz in 9 seconds.

   Does your bear spray have high potency, project far enough, have sufficient quantity and empty fast or slow?

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