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Shoshone Back Country Horsemen is one of seven chapters of Back Country Horsemen of Wyoming (BCHW at www.wyomingbch.com), all of which are affiliated with Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA at www.bcha.org). BCHA is a national non-profit service organization committed to protecting the access of equestrians to public lands. BCHA chapters consist of volunteers who assist public agencies in their local regions with management, maintenance and education for the wise and sustaining use of public lands. Members have participated in many agency meetings with regard to land use planning and regulations and have become a strong voice for continued, responsible horse use in public lands.

Shoshone Back Country Horsemen was organized in 1993 by Bill Brazelton and Bob Bessler with other individuals interested in improving and developing the trails and trailheads in the Shoshone National Forest in northwest Wyoming. Shoshone Back Country Horsemen works closely with the Shoshone National Forest Service (USDA/NFS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on many trails, trailhead developments, and improvement projects, as well as providing educational workshops for members and area youth and adults. Members promote wise equine use to reduce environmental impact on the back country, and advocate “Leave No Trace” principles.

As busy as Shoshone Back Country Horsemen members are, not all activities are work!  Members enjoy fun rides, potlucks, lively card games, camping, parties celebrating Christmas and special events, and more. The camaraderie is uplifting and heart-warming.  See the Contact Us page for information on meeting dates/times and membership information!

Mission and Purpose of Shoshone Back Country Horsemen

• TO PERPETUATE the common sense use and enjoyment of recreational stock use in our nation’s back country, roadless areas, wilderness areas and other public lands.

• TO WORK to insure that the public lands remain open to recreational stock use.

• TO ASSIST various government and private agencies in their maintenance and management of said resource.

• TO EDUCATE, encourage, and solicit active participation in the wise use of the back country resource by recreational stock users and the general public commensurate with our heritage.

• TO FOSTER and encourage the formation of new state Back Country Horsemen’s organizations.


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